How does your toothpaste measure up?

How does your toothpaste measure up?
RDA Abrasiveness:
0-70 Low
70-100 Medium
100-150 High
150-250 Regarded as harmful limit (FDA limit=200, ADA limit=250)
Everyone wants brighter and whiter
teeth. Many of today’s toothpaste are
promoted not only for cavity prevention
but also for surface stain removal and
brightening your teeth. These toothpaste
can vary greatly in abrasiveness – doing
more than removing stain, possibly
damaging your enamel or porcelain
work in place, or increasing sensitivity.
Toothpaste abrasiveness is measured by
The Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA).
The table below indicates ranges to be
aware of in products on the market.
While all products fall under the FDA
and ADA recommended limits, you will
find a broad range of values. Inquire in
the office for a more extensive list and
what ranges might be best for you.

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