Watch your water

One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is to reach for a glass of water- but they are not all the same! Bottled water consumption is steadily on the rise; however, many brands will not have the optimal, cavity fighting fluoride levels found in community tap water. Be sure to check the labels- as it is noted if fluoride is added. Those 8 glasses a day are known to have many health benefits- don’t miss out on the benefits for a healthier smile as well!


About woodandspooner

Diana P. Wood, D.M.D. and Melanie H. Spooner, D.M.D. practice General Dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama. Our practice was originally established by Dr. Wood in 1980, Dr. Spooner joined in 1988. They share a vision for comprehensive treatment in a comfortable environment that inspires patients’ confidence, giving careful attention to every aspect of each case.
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