Can chewing gum be good for you?

The chewing effect itself can be beneficial, in that chewing any gum stimulates salivary flow which buffers the effects of plaque. There are products available now that incorporate xylitol, a natural sugar. They prevent acid production by bacteria and make it more difficult for bacteria to stick to teeth. Since the pH doesn’t drop with xylitol-sweetened products like it will with other sugars, enamel breakdown is prevented. For patients who chew gum regularly, these products can now offer a supplement to benefit your oral hygiene routines.

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Diana P. Wood, D.M.D. and Melanie H. Spooner, D.M.D. practice General Dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama. Our practice was originally established by Dr. Wood in 1980, Dr. Spooner joined in 1988. They share a vision for comprehensive treatment in a comfortable environment that inspires patients’ confidence, giving careful attention to every aspect of each case.
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