Dentistry on the Go

Traveling while in the middle of dental treatment? A small “dental emergency kit” can help you get out of sticky situations. It should include temporary dental cement (found in most drug stores), Q tips, 1-2 cotton balls or small guaze, ibuprofen, and a topical oragel ointment. If a temporary crown comes off, dry your tooth and the inside of the crown as much as possible. Recement with the temporary cement. You can use toothpaste or denture adhesive if you don’t have a cement. For uclers or traumatized areas on the gum, topical ointments may offer some relief. Never place aspirin on your gums. Follow up with your dentist on your return.

About woodandspooner

Diana P. Wood, D.M.D. and Melanie H. Spooner, D.M.D. practice General Dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama. Our practice was originally established by Dr. Wood in 1980, Dr. Spooner joined in 1988. They share a vision for comprehensive treatment in a comfortable environment that inspires patients’ confidence, giving careful attention to every aspect of each case.
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