Do you see what I see?

Now you can! Intraoral cameras have become an indispensable diagnostic and educational tool for dentistry. A camera, about the size of a toothbrush, can capture magnified pictures of your teeth and transmit them to a computer or TV screen to allow you to see what the dentist sees. These pictures may reveal worn filling margins, cracks, or other problems that might not be as easily recognized with a routine visual exam and allow for documentation of before and after treament progress as well. Don’t miss out on this technology!


About woodandspooner

Diana P. Wood, D.M.D. and Melanie H. Spooner, D.M.D. practice General Dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama. Our practice was originally established by Dr. Wood in 1980, Dr. Spooner joined in 1988. They share a vision for comprehensive treatment in a comfortable environment that inspires patients’ confidence, giving careful attention to every aspect of each case.
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